Small yellow Chrysanthemums, Aldridge, Walsall, England
All Original Photography by http://vwcampervan-aldridge.tumblr.com

Zonguldak, TurlkeySamet Güler

Cabezudos by Ramón Fernández

{ eternal summer }

Vintage ♣🌙

I don’t understand anymore. Why wouldn’t they take time to understand someone. Do they know that someone can’t be their ideal someone?. Careless. They don’t see someone as who she is. They only want someone as who they want that someone to be. It’s cruel. We are all different. Different is good. I don’t like seeing people debating about unecessary things. I mean, why would you spend your precious time being stubborn. I want peace. I think everyone wants it. Well, I do need peace. It makes me happy, calm, want to smile and it makes everything better. I’m tired feeling uneasy everytime I try to speak. It’s not peace what I feel. Well, I understand that someone wants people to understand her but people have life nowadays. People have rights. Don’t they understand every single thing about people’s rights?. This simple thing has led me to miserable way of thinking. I can only write about it and do nothing. I’ve cried. Now I’m tired. I really can do nothing. Does anyone ever notice about it?. That’s all I can do. Nothing. It is wrong. But I believe it’s not only my fault. God forgive me, I only have you by my side.

I’m just tired. Mom.

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